Recognizing and extracting data from documents is at the heart (and cost) of any capture system; however, intelligently analyzing and interacting with data at scan time, is a distinct and significant ibml solution advantage.  Deploying your business rules at the point of ingestion provides cost advantages to the process including the opportunity to significantly decrease document preparation by using recognition to autobatch and/or auto classify documents.  The scan time recognition approach finds exceptions sooner and helps resolve them more efficiently during the capture process. Leveraging extracted information sooner significantly reduces or can eliminate click charges from server based methods that promote scan anywhere and "pay per click".  Furthermore, when intergrated with ibml's electronic ingestion, the ibml solution provides a single stream of data to your line of business applications.

ibml's recognition and extraction processes whether scanner based or server based is robust and without click charges.  The technology is accurate and scalable and can recognize virtually any data including 1D and/or 2D barcodes, ICR or OCR fields, Logo's, Document Types, for any structured, semi-structured and/or unstructured capture environments.

“As a result of implementing ibml, Wyoming Medical Center has maximized productivity, reduced our document management labor costs by 33 percent and decreased our long-term operations expenses.” - Director of HMS (Read more)

More about Scan Time Document Recognition 

ibml's SoftTrac DocNetics brings dynamic document recogntion and intelligence to the scanning process accelerating the transformation of paper-based content to actionable digital information. SoftTrac DocNetics combines sophisticated image recognition and analysis with customized business rules to ensure document integrity, completeness and more precise document, transaction and/or batch identification.

Many forms and documents can be identified, classified and automatically batched without expensive server based classification technologies.  Much of the industry has convinced users to scan anywhere and pay the fees to identify or extract information one click at a time.  However, ibml's approach of deploying Scan Time intelligence significantly reduces costs, increases access to information and decreases exceptions.

ibml's SoftTrac DocNetics is a product capable of running on all ISIS and TWAIN devices and can be even more valuable when combining the technology with ibml's scanner line allowing for physical sorting or other in-line functions.

The In-line SoftTrac DocNetics Suite can include:

  • Barcode recognition for all 1D & 2D barcodes as well as Patch sheets
  • DocTyping which is a form of document classification
  • Logo Detection which is a form of document classification
  • OCR/ICR Recognition

Download the SoftTrac DocNetics Brochure

DocNetics Barcode

DocNetics  Barcode uses sophisticated image analysis technology during document scanning to recognize and read a number of barcode symbologies in any location or any orientation on a document. DocNetics Barcode can read a range of difficult real-world barcodes, including:

  • Plastic covered (envelope windowed)
  • Poorly Printed (faded)
  • Scratched
  • High Density
  • Skewed

Key Benefits

  • Increase scanning productivity without the need to purchase additional hardware
  • Reduce document preparation
  • Ability for downstream applications to access captured barcode information
  • Ability to capture barcode information from damaged or skewed barcodes
  • Ability to automatically retrieve archived information from tables to scan-time

DocNetics DocType

DocNetics DocType uses advanced topographical image analysis to automatically recognize structured documents in any orientation during document scanning. 

DocNetics DocType can identify difficult and multi-sized documents, including those that are:

  • Faded
  • Low contrast
  • Poorly printed
  • Skewed
  • Mixed resolutions

Key Benefits

DocNetics DocType provides a range of benefits including:

  • Reduce the need for separator sheets
  • Increase recognition rates
  • Document sorting
  • Streamlined endorsing
  • Passing metadata to downstream applications

DocNetics Logo

DocNetics Logo automatically identifies document logos during scanning.

DocNetics Logo can identify logos regardless of document orientation. The software also is versatile enough to identify difficult and multi-sized logos, including those that are:

  • Low contrast
  • High density
  • Poorly printed
  • Blurred
  • Scaled up or down
  • Faded

Key Benefits

  • Improve scanning productivity without adding hardware
  • An alternative to adding barcodes to documents
  • No need to collate documents based on company
  • Improved recognition read rates
  • Ability to catalog libraries of images based on logos or other identifiable graphics

DocNetics Recognition

DocNetics Recognition allows users to capture critical data during the scanning process. Information can be captured from specified fields or areas that match a document mask, while documents are in any orientation.

DocNetics Recognition can read:

  • OCR
  • Farrington
  • E13B
  • CMC7
  • Hand Print
  • Machine Print
  • Marks
  • Pixel Counters

Key Benefits

  • Decrease document preparation time
  • Reduce the need for separator sheets
  • Increased end-to-end system throughput
  • Ability to read, extract, validate and utilize document information during scanning
  • Faster document identification
  • Ability to apply business rules at the point of capture
  • Reduce downstream exceptions