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Recognizing and extracting data from documents is at the heart (and cost) of any capture system; however, intelligently analyzing and interacting with data at scan time, is a distinct and significant ibml solution advantage.  Deploying your business rules at the point of ingestion provides cost advantages to the process including the opportunity to significantly decrease document preparation by using recognition to autobatch and/or auto classify documents.  The scan time recognition approach finds exceptions sooner and helps resolve them more efficiently during the capture process. Leveraging extracted information sooner significantly reduces or can eliminate click charges from server based methods that promote scan anywhere and "pay per click".  Furthermore, when intergrated with ibml's electronic ingestion, the ibml solution provides a single stream of data to your line of business applications.

ibml's recognition and extraction processes whether scanner based or server based is robust and without click charges.  The technology is accurate and scalable and can recognize virtually any data including 1D and/or 2D barcodes, ICR or OCR fields, Logo's, Document Types, for any structured, semi-structured and/or unstructured capture environments.

Software Benefits

  • Increase scanning productivity without the need to purchase additional hardware
  • Ability to capture barcode information from damaged or skewed barcodes
  • Ability to automatically retrieve archived information from tables to scan-time
  • Decrease document preparation time
  • Reduce the need for separator sheets
  • Increased end-to-end system throughput
  • Ability to read, extract, validate and utilize document information during scanning
  • Faster document identification
  • Ability to apply business rules at the point of capture
  • Reduce downstream exceptions
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  • “As a business, we are very keen to expand our BPO offering across Europe even into growing economies such as Brazil. It is important to work with scanner technologies that are flexible and scalable, and perhaps most importantly, that integrate easily into our software solutions.”

    Eduardo Oliveira, Director of BPO Operations, GLINTT Banking Solutions