ibml Capture Suite - Software built for intelligent data capture

ibml's Intelligent Capture Suite accelerates access to your incoming information and lowers your processing costs with:

  • Seamless multi-channel document ingestion
  • Extraction and data analysis at the earliest point of ingestion
  • Structured, Semi-Structured and Unstructured document classification options
  • Review and align all data to your business rules and standards closer to the source
  • Connect with downstream systems without data, batch or transaction exceptions
  • Best-in-class administration, security, control, compliance, notifications and total process reporting 

all driven by highly configurable business rules assuring data is exception free prior to connecting to downstream process resulting in:

  • Reduction in document prep costs
  • Reduction in scanning overhead
  • Reduced license costs and no click charges
  • Utilization of the same workflow and business rules for electronic ingested documents
  • Improved business workflows with expections handled ahead of time
  • Secure, compliant and reduced risk with a standard capture for all input sources

Through this centralized control of scanning operations, ibml's Capture Suite delivers efficiencies and process improvements far greater than those provided by any other scanner software on the market. This makes Capture Suite an ideal choice for mid-to-high volume scanning operations. With its inline intelligent document capture capabilities, Capture Suite also stands apart in shared services and mailroom and enterprise scanning environments that use a rules- and actions-based approach to minimize downstream exceptions.


  • Accelerate job setup
  • Reduce programming requirements
  • Standardize document scanning operations
  • Improve visibility into your operations
  • Achieve faster ROI

Capture Suite provides these business performance improvements through: