Managing the administration and security of a capture solution can be a difficult task specifically when multiple technology suppliers are involved in the process of ingestion to connection.  

The ibml solution and process benefits users by allowing a central command of users access and rights, scanning jobs, process rules, extraction techniques and security.  ibml has invested and continues to invest in the highest security auditing for its products and has achieved Veracode™ Level 4.  All process and administration functions are stored in the database and can be rolled out across a network.

In addition, since all functions are performed in the process under a single database, many key data elements are available for reporting compared to many systems that only send along images and data. The ibml solution maintains in its database historical chain of command information, process steps, users, job changes, and even the input source to quickly identify ingestion problems.  All of this data can be used to proactively alert administrators, provide automated reports on the productivity of the process, as well as be used for analysis without relying on the line of business process.

A key part of administration is Analytics which provides a holistic view of performance metrics across an organization's capture process. By centralizing operations reporting and analysis with Analytics, organizations can gain a much better understanding of the efficiency and effectiveness of their infrastructure and can more easily develop, manage and distribute operations reports

"The ibml intelligent data capture solution is a great product and the ibml team is wonderful to work with, and the y quickly and professionally address any issues that arise" - INTRUST, Item processing Supervisor


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Holistic Data View

For organizations in any vertical market, operations reporting and analysis is a critical resource for managers. But, to extract this information from multiple document scanning solutions and then turn it into actionable business intelligence at the time it is needed is extremely difficult and puts an enormous strain on limited IT resources. Often, tremendous effort and cost is required to create even basic operational reports. For this reason, most organizations don't have a holistic view of their document scanning operations, impeding decision-making and allowing inefficiencies to fester.

To solve this problem, Analytics gives managers the data they need to make actionable business intelligence a reality.

Analytics enables easy access to the rich productivity data and operational statistics collected in any SoftTrac Scan installation. Operations managers gain better insight into their business assets, labor, processes and more. With Analytics, the manager can set baseline metrics, then quickly identify problems, make operational adjustments and improvements, and measure the impact of changes. Automated alerts are pushed to the manager via email when any aspect of the scanning operation falls below defined thresholds.

Analytics provides easy-to-use report generation tools and can report on archived data as well as current data. The user can filter reports by time and dates and other criteria. Reports can be stored locally or centrally on the network, or pushed automatically to any email address.

Analytics also includes a library of "built-in" reports including:

  • Batch Statistics Summary
  • Batch Status Summary
  • Error Summary
  • Scanner Statistics Summary
  • Cumulative Image Summary
  • Operator Statistics by Job Summary
  • Operator Statistics Summary
  • Errors-to-Documents Ratio Report
  • Erorrs-to-Documents Summary Report
  • Check Statistics Report
  • Quality Control Batch Statistics by Job Summary
  • Quality Control Operator Statistics by Job Summary

Each report includes graphical representations of the data as well as summary data. Additional reports can be quickly developed using drag and drop tools and intuitive sorting and grouping options, eliminating the high cost and long lead-time for IT staff to write custom reports. Analytics offers best-in-class viewing and editing capabilities.

With Analytics, users can also create reports that analyze performance metrics across multiple databases in different locations. Reports can even be filtered to only contain information from specific databases.

Business Benefits

  • Quickly identify and correct inefficient and ineffective scanning processes
  • Access to standard image and performance data
  • Easy integration with existing ibml Capture Suite environments

Product Features

  • Real-time reporting capabilities and data access
  • Ability to report on archived data as well as current data
  • Quick access to saved reports
  • Ability to drill-down and sort report data
  • Filtering by scanner, operator, job, errors, time, dates and more
  • Running totals for throughput and documents processed
  • Automatic alerts when scanning performance drops below pre-defined thresholds
  • Schedule when reports should be created
  • Built-in documents-to-errors ratio report for ranking scanner performance across sites
  • Built-in error ratio summary report for tracking error trends for individual scanners over user-defined periods of time (days, weeks or months)
  • Export reports to PDF file, Web Page, Excel, Text file, TIFF image, or send via email
  • Intuitive design tools for custom reporting
  • Support for reporting across multiple databases
  • Automated tool for cleaning up archive tables