Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness while ensuring security and compliance

Today’s mailroom must manage more documents than ever, coming from more channels than ever, and requiring delivery to downstream systems more quickly than ever.  ibml’s capture solutions address these challenges by capturing information from any form or unstructured document delivered via any document channel, and exporting the information to any downstream system or process. 

ibml’s intelligent capture software automates the capture, classification, extraction, validation and export of information from any paper or electronic document, including checks, remittances, orders, invoices, correspondence, claims, explanation of benefits documents, applications, contracts, and more.  

Our production scanners are ideal for today’s mailroom environment.  They offer scalability ranging from the desktop models to best-in-class ultra-high-speed devices, co-mingled scanning of any document type, in-line intelligent capture, automated document out-sorting, and strong reliability.

Speed processing cycle times

Rapid paper digitization at unparalleled speeds, virtual batching, co-mingled document scanning, in-line data capture, and document out-sorting combine to speed cycle times and get information into the hands of decision makers fast.

Reduce downstream exceptions

Our automated validation of captured data, superior image quality, patented piggyback detection, and image manipulation tools help ensure that usable information is delivered to downstream systems.

Lower operating costs

Our production scanning solutions reduce overhead by consolidating scanners, software, operators and floor space required to process and classify co-mingled documents, capture and extract data during scanning, out-sort documents, and provide centralized setup and administration.

Create a Center of Excellence

Using ibml solutions in a shared services environment is proven to help organizations reduce unit costs, increase accuracy and enforce capture policies while freeing field staff to focus on core tasks.

Streamline security and compliance

Role-based access to functions and information, complete audit trails, activity logging, and data encryption help secure sensitive information from the moment it enters your organization.



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