Mortgage and Lending

Accelerate time-to-revenue, enhance service and streamline regulatory compliance

Lenders, mortgage bankers, and the service providers who serve them are challenged with tight margins, regulatory compliance, risk-based decision-making, and fast delivery of information to back-end systems.

ibml delivers intelligent capture solutions that provide the information capture and delivery required to support every step of the loan and mortgage document lifecycle: origination, processing, underwriting, closing, delivery, servicing and packaging. Our solutions automate the capture of information from any form or unstructured document that might be in a loan package, including applications, credit reports, titles, employment verification, truth in lending documents, checks, correspondence and more.

The functionality and flexibility provided by ibml capture solutions benefits mortgage bankers, banks and credit unions, originators, servicers, third-party services providers, and systems integrators.

Enhance customer service

The faster cycle times provided by ibml's intelligent capture solutions provide lenders and mortgage bankers with more time for due diligence and help ensure that borrower's receive their money in time for closing.

Increase efficiency and margins

With ibml capture solutions, users can reduce data entry, eliminate the need for photocopies, out-sort separator sheets and other documents, and spray a seal on documents signifying they are originals. And ibml's Accelerated Mortgage Capture (AMC) software simplifies mortgage processing.

Speed information delivery

ibml solutions automatically classify and out-sort documents that need to be recorded, create copies for re-sale, and deliver usable information to loan origination systems or any other back-end system.

Improve audit and reporting

Digitizing and electronically storing documents and comprehensive data allows for improved access by auditors and the aggregation of data for Home Mortgage Disclosure Act reporting.

Streamline regulatory compliance

ibml solutions help ensure compliance with TILA-RESPA and other regulatory mandates by automatically classifying loan and mortgage documents and validating data to ensure necessary information is present.


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