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Gain a competitive advantage through streamlined processes and enhanced controls

ibml intelligent capture solutions enable healthcare payers to automate the capture of unstructured data to reduce administrative expenses, accelerate cycle times, enhance customer service, speed audits through improved reporting, and strengthen internal controls and regulatory compliance.

Our solutions support a wide range of applications for healthcare payers, including credentialing, claims processing, appeals and grievances, open enrollment, and provider sales campaigns.

ibml solutions automatically classify, capture and validate any unstructured paper or electronic health, finance or patient document, including paper, faxes, e-mails, web forms, mobile images, application files, credentialing packages, and files in 835, 837, CMS1500, and UB04 format.

Reduce claims processing costs

Reduce claims processing costs

Reduce the costs of claims processing with automated classification of claims forms, duplicate claims detection, line-item capture and validation, and seamless exports to core applications.

Accelerate cycle times

The faster cycle times provided by ibml’s scanners and capture software enables insurers to validate credentials more quickly, reduce time to add new members, and pay claims faster than competitors.

Speed information availability

Secure and seamless integration with core applications and other downstream health information systems helps ensure that meaningful information is available when stakeholders need it.

Leverage our know-how

ibml has experience with commercial insurers, credentials verification organizations (CVOs) and business process outsourcing (BPO) organizations, and expertise in health administrative systems.

Improve control and compliance

Mitigate the risks of data theft and HIPAA violations with restricted access to sensitive documents, tracking and validation of credentialing documents, data encryption, activity logging, and audit trails.

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