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Don't Automate Your Financial Services Operations, Transform Them

The combination of razor-thin margins, heightened compliance and security requirements, and ever-increasing customer service requirements are putting a strain on the back-office operations of financial service organizations such as banks, insurers, mortgage lenders and brokerage firms. ...Read More

Future-Proofing Your Lockbox Franchise with Intelligent Data Capture

The landscape for lockbox processing providers is very different compared to a few years ago. New challenges for lockbox processing providers are being created from several sources, namely, migration from paper remittances and checks to electronic invoicing and payments. ...Read More

Steps to Ending Information Chaos

Forty-six percent of best-in-class organizations are digitizing processes to promote collaboration between traditionally disparate business processes and business units. But efforts to digitally transform business processes are doomed to failure without the right technology. ...Read More

It May Be Time To Think Differently About The Business Process Services Your Organization Delivers

Providers of business process services (BPOs) such as document scanning and data capture face a double-whammy of unrelenting pressure to hold the line on costs, while meeting ever-increasing customer service expectations. ...Read More

The 5 Strategic Benefits of Transforming Information Management with Intelligent Document Recognition

The combination of pressure to reduce costs, comply with stringent regulations, and satisfy ever-increasing customer service demands is placing a big strain on operations and processes that rely on unstructured information such as documents, images and e-mails. ...Read More

5 Ways to Increase Profits in Mortgage Lending

The lending industry is plagued by time-consuming and error-prone, paper and labor-intensive processes, front-end systems that do not communicate efficiently with back-end systems, and third-parties that are often not integrated into the process electronically. ...Read More

9 Ways Your Document Imaging System Could Be Vulnerable to Data Theft and Compliance Violations

The security of information assets is increasingly on the corporate agenda. Massive data leaks and lost patient records grabbed headlines in the past year and served as a wake-up call to many organizations. ...Read More

Reduce Operational Costs and Improve Enterprise Agility by Standardizing on One Platform for Scanning and Document Capture

Operating on a fragmented scanning and document capture infrastructure is a stark reality for many enterprises today. Often companies have legacy scanning and document capture solutions due to the purchase of point solutions by departments or business units ...Read More

How Intelligent Document Recognition Significantly Reduces the Time, Cost and Risk Associated with Loan Processing

Fast, accurate processing is a tall order for lenders that rely on manual, paper processes. Lending involves multiple moving parts. And mortgage files often exceed 600 pages and can include over 250 document types coming in from scanners, mobile devices, portals, e-mail and fax. ...Read More

Intelligent Scanning: The Key to Improving Operational Performance and Reducing Costs

Exceptions are the curse of document-driven business processes. Exceptions are directly responsible for cost and processing inefficiencies, potential negative customer impact, and greater risk of compliance violations as a result of incomplete or incorrect information. ...Read More

The Top 10 Mistakes Companies Make When Deploying a Document Scanning Solution

Recent studies have shown that the need to scan paper documents into business processes is not going away, and in many cases organizations have seen the paperwork increase due to new regulations and the growth in their business. ...Read More

Desktop Scanning "Intelligence" No Longer an Oxymoron

In a typical scanning environment, over 70% of operational costs come in the form of manual labor. Any manager in charge of an imaging operation is naturally interested to learn about innovations that could further automate and improve this labor component of the capture process. ...Read More

Winning the Paper Wars Report

Fighting the paper invasion is a constant battle for any organization. Scanning paper records to keep down the sprawl of file cabinets and archive shelves has been common practice for many years. But what about the hundreds and thousands of external paper documents that pour through the door every day and bog down our active business processes. ...Read More

Resolve Scanning Problems Sooner with Operations Alerts

Business intelligence and analytics have again become the top technology priority for CIOs, replacing cloud computing, according to a recent survey by Stamford, CT-based Gartner1. It's no wonder with the ever-increasing demand to improve corporate efficiency and agility, business intelligence and analytics can yield compelling returns. ...Read More

5 Secrets to Successfully Deploying Shared Document Scanning Services

The recession has forced organizations to look for new ways to reduce expenses and drive efficiency. And, the fact is, most organizations could be making better use of their operations infrastructure. ...Read More