Accelerated Mortgage Capture software

Manually processing loan documents is a headache:

  • Bottlenecks, backlogs and closing delays
  • Lots of costly downstream exceptions
  • High operational costs
  • Lost and missing documents
  • Compliance violations
  • Reduce need for knowledge workers to perform tedious tasks

ibml’s Accelerated Mortgage Capture transforms loan processing by:

  • Importing paper and electronic documents from any source
  • Automatically classifying and separating documents
  • Capturing data from documents to reduce manual ‘heads down’ keying and manual sorting to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Quickly delivering information to downstream systems and processes to help you close loans faster.

See for yourself how ibml’s Accelerated Mortgage Capture can streamline your loan processing.

ibml welcomes the opportunity to run your typical loan file through our Accelerated Mortgage Capture solution to show you its unique “out-of-the-box” capabilities. To schedule a demonstration, contact