The PostScan module can format images and data then integrate directly into a wide range of systems, including:

  • Data entry/automated data capture systems
  • Enterprise content management (ECM) systems
  • Image and data archives
  • Workflow/business process automation systems

Download the PostScan Brochure

How It Works

PostScan uses an DSN connection to communicate with an ibml Capture Suite populated SQL database. This allows the application to quickly and easily retrieve images and data from the image repository and database. Providing an even smoother integration, standardized "connectors" allow users to configure batches to be inserted directly into Kofax Capture, TIS eFlow and Captiva Capture.

Standard Features

  • Combine groups of documents into non-searchable PDF files
  • Combine groups of documents into a single multi-page TIFF file
  • Automatically import images from watch folder
  • Metadata used to apply business logic for processing batches
  • XML output

Image Manipulation

  • Image output based on color detection
  • Automated document re-orientation
  • Overlay of a virtual endorsement on a page
  • Improve image quality by removing hole punches, borders, dog ears, unwanted lines, and noise reduction
  • Drop out blank pages
  • Text smoothing and the ability to auto binarize images
  • The ability to keep original images prior to manipulating the images

Optional Features

  • Connector to Kofax Capture system
  • Connector to TiS eFlow platform
  • Connector to Captiva Capture system
  • Configurable Data Output
  • API Tool
  • Custom Development
  • Searchable PDF plus PDF Compression
  • PostScan DocNetics including ICR, Barcode and Doc Type