SoftTrac ScanDS

ibml's SoftTrac ScanDS is a scanning solution that enables organizations to centralize information management, leverage a common interface across their scanners, and take advantage of optional in-line OCR, barcode recognition and document classification capabilities previously only available on ibml's ImageTrac scanners.

SoftTrac ScanDS is designed to work with ibml scanners as well as other 3rd party scanners that support ISIS and TWAIN drivers, while co-existing with any capture or downstream solution in either a distributed or centralized scanning environment.

Complementing ECM platforms and traditional scanning solutions, SoftTrac ScanDS delivers efficiencies and process improvements, helps ensure regulatory compliance and document tracking and control, and allows organizations to more easily standardize their scanning operations and the information that they provide.

Download the SoftTrac ScanDS Brochure

SoftTrac ScanDS Features

Operates the ImageTracDS 1150 and TWAIN scanners from other manufacturers.

  • An attractive and intuitive user interface
  • Centralized monitoring and reporting
  • Batch and user administration
  • Centralized data storage for all devices
  • The ability to scan into virtualized environments
  • Single Windows log-in and authentication
  • Built on .NET framework

Secure Global Access

SoftTrac ScanDS' centralized authentication provides authorized users with a single login for secure, global access to all applications. Access can be customized for specific users and groups, depending on security requirements.

  • Manage multiple database configurations from one central point
  • Login using one of several methods: Windows authentication, ibml database authentication, or one-click login using the current logged-in Windows account.

Easy-to-Use Application Console

SoftTrac ScanDS' Application Console provides an intuitive, common user interface that launches all ibml document capture applications - from the Administration Console to Quality Control Job Setup and DocNetics software. The Application Console is permissions-based and shows only those applications in the console that the currently logged-in user has a permission to use, safeguarding against unauthorized user access.

Streamlined Scanning

The intuitive operator interface launches you into instant productivity.

  • Quickly create new batches and begin scanning
  • View images as documents are scanned
  • Activate hand feed mode for quick jam and skew recovery
  • Flag documents for rescanning
  • Easily open existing batches for review
  • Rescan documents with ease
  • Edit document data
  • Fit, rotate and zoom in and out on images in the image viewer.

Simple User Administration

With SoftTrac ScanDS' User Administration application, the process of creating, managing and editing multiple user and group profiles for job access and data protection is simplified. Organizations can define rules for user access within applications based on an individual's or group's profile.

Efficient Batch Administration

SoftTrac ScanDS' Batch Administration allows users to view and manage batches of scanned documents without interrupting the scanning process.

  • Users can drag and drop batches into the recycle bin or into multi-thread processes, allowing for scanner operation while batches are being deleted
  • Apply filters to sort which batches are displayed in the viewer
  • Choose how to group batches in the viewer for quick and easy navigation

Streamlined Job Setup

Rules- and actions-based job setup capabilities enable rapid job creation without sophisticated programming, providing for easier deployment and faster ROI.

  • View a history of all job changes
  • Restore jobs to previously saved points

Powerful Reporting

SoftTrac ScanDS includes Client Reports for direct, easy-to-view productivity statistics and other valuable operations reports. Out of the box, this application provides scanning statistics by batch, operator or specific document as well as cumulative data.

Additionally, a number of filtering options allow users to select what dates, scan jobs, scanners, operators, and data connections are included in the reported data. Reports can be saved for future use, or they may be exported as PDF, Excel or HTML files.