ibml's Capture Suite redefines Intelligent Document Capture Software

ibml's Intelligent Capture Suite accelerates access to your incoming information AND lowers your processing costs with:

  • Seamless multi-channel ingestion

  • Extraction and data analysis at the earliest point of ingestion

  • Structured, Semi-Structured and Unstructured document classification options

  • Review and align all data to your business rules and standards closer to the source

  • Connect with downstream systems without data, batch or transaction exceptions

  • Best-in-class administration, security, control, compliance, notifications and total process reporting 

....... all driven by highly configurable business rules assuring data is exception free prior to connecting to downstream process resulting in

  • Reduction in document prep costs

  • Reduction in scanning overhead

  • Reduced license costs and no click charges

  • Utilization of the same workflow and business rules for electronic ingested documents

  • Improved business worklfows with expections handled ahead of time

  • Secure, compliant and reduced risk with a standard capture for all input sources



Choosing the right capture software for the job begins by analyzing your business operation and processes, and determining what your desired outcome is.

This can also be a complex choice. Here are just a few of the key questions to consider:

  • Do you have old legacy software with click charges and are facing expensive maintenance bills to upgrade?
  • Would you like to turn your "dumb picture taker scanners" into intelligent scanners?
  • Are you managing a fleet of production and distributed scanners from different manufacturers and looking to centralize management and control under one capture suite?
  • Can your operation benefit from automated document classification that reduces document preparation and eliminates most manual work?
  • Is your current capture software compliant and secured against data theft?

Looking for expert help?

ibml and our partners are Capture Experts who will help you to analyze your document capture process from document preparation all the way through to handing off a reliable, purified data stream to the next business process. We pioneered one of the capture industry's first and most advanced consultative, solutions-oriented approach to problem-solving.

ibml also offers the finest capture software. If you already know what software you need, please take a look at Capture Suite. Our software is proven in many different industries and applications to lower operating costs, accelerate turnaround, and eliminate downstream exceptions in the most demanding document imaging, transactional processing and ECM environments.

Our capture software will also operate the scanners made by other manufacturers, and we are glad to help you consolidate the management of different scanners all into one solution with one database and one dashboard to manage and measure your entire scanning and capture operation.