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Let your intelligent capture solutions pay for itself

(Available only in North America)

Today’s BPO organizations and service providers are under constant pressure to do more with less as they continually look for ways to improve efficiencies and reduce costs while enhancing service. With core activities straining under mounting cash pressure, leadership can turn to suboptimal, outdated capture technologies that amplify inefficiencies and operational costs. As a result, the company as a whole suffers from lower profitability and no competitive edge.

As many organizations undergo digital transformations, they must deal with the uncertainty of their returns on investment in mailroom automation while also understanding that paper won’t totally disappear anytime soon. Adding to the chaos are multiple information sources for today’s business processes. Streamlining inputs, extracting the right information and securely informing business decisions is critical to a successful digital transformation.

In the midst of rapid change, however, your business can still access the most sophisticated intelligent capture technology on the market to drive efficiencies without depleting your cash reserves.

Introducing ibml Scanner Leasing, the flexible way to benefit from the latest in intelligent information capture while allowing the equipment to pay for itself. Designed for BPO organizations, service providers and corporations alike, ibml Leasing allows you to leverage the expertise of ibml, the world’s foremost provider of high-volume intelligent information capture solutions.

The Benefits of ibml Leasing

We’ve designed ibml Leasing to deliver tangible benefits to your organization:

Avoid Obsolescence

ibml Leasing provides the flexibility to swap out current technology for the latest technology. This allows our customers to stay ahead of the curve as they reap the benefits of cost reductions and revenue enhancements delivered by the latest technology.

Improve Cash Flow

With ibml Leasing, customers don’t tie up their cash. They are able to invest more capital in core growth initiatives as ibml solutions generate value for their business.

Preserve Credit Lines

With ibml Leasing, there’s no need to use up existing banking and other financial credit lines to buy ibml solutions. This frees up capital for what matters most and allows the ibml solutions to pay for themselves.

Environmentally Responsible

Many ibml customers don’t have the ability to responsibly dispose of old equipment. With ibml Leasing, you can safely get rid of old equipment with minimal environmental impact.

Frequently Asked Questions About ibml’s Leasing Program

Be confident that ibml Leasing is the right strategic move for your business. Here are some questions we often receive about the program, as well as our answers:

Generally, all companies can benefit from leasing, especially those that want to:

  • Retain flexibility and stay up to date with rapidly moving technology
  • Take advantage of one-stop financing of hardware, software and services, plus the convenience of a single monthly payment.
  • Update technology periodically, but not tie up cash in depreciating assets.

Are there benefits to leasing other than financial?

Leasing can help expedite equipment and modernization to create a positive impact across your business. Additionally, most lease agreements free business owners from worrying about technology end-of-life disposition issues, including:

  • Environmental considerations
  • Data security and destruction
  • Compliance with ever-changing disposition laws

What can be included in my ibml lease?

All ibml scanners, ibml software and services needed to install, customize, implement and maintain the products can be included in the lease agreement.

Can this lease be deducted for tax benefits?

One hundred percent of ibml leasing payments can be deducted for tax benefits as an operating lease compliant under FASB rules.