ImageTracDS 1155

General Info

ImageTracDS 1155

Forget everything you know about desktop scanning

The ibml ImageTracDS 1155 resets the expectations for desktop scanning.

Drawing on ibml’s long history in leadership in document scanning, the ImageTracDS 1155 delivers performance, reliability, and value unmatched by any other mid-high volume desktop scanner. 

The combination of the ImageTracDS 1155’s functionality and surprisingly affordable pricing uniquely positions the solution for mid-high volume operations with document sorting requirements, operations requiring an affordable but feature-rich back-up scanner, and centralized operations that need a high-speed scanner to capture and consolidate images from remote locations.

High Speed Sorting Desktop Scanner

The ImageTracDS 1155 scans up to 155 pages per minute (ppm) at 200 dots per inch (dpi) or 300 dpi. Advanced camera technology ensures the highest-quality images, with 24-bit color image capture and output resolutions ranging from 50 to 600 dpi in JPEG or TIFF file formats. 

The ImageTracDS 1155 also comes equipped with two sort trays to eliminate manual handling of separator sheets, checks, or sensitive documents that must be returned to a customer or require post-scan handling. The ImageTracDS 1155 can sort documents up to 150 ppm.

Multi-feed detection

The ImageTracDS 1155 comes with five multi-feed detection sensors to eliminate downstream errors. When a double-feed is detected, the ImageTracDS 1155 automatically stops for recovery. Our unique multi-feed technology ensure that all pages are scanned and eliminates the need for operators to do a post-scan review to account for all images.

Left-justified feeding

The ImageTracDS 1155 also includes best-in-class left-justified document feeding technology that allows for variations in document thickness as well as damaged or sensitive documents. These unique features enable operations to prepare documents for scanning in a matter of seconds using a jogger - eliminating exceptions and increasing staff ImageTracDS 1155 productivity.


Scanner Features

Dual Output Trays # 1 - 550 sheets
# 2 - 100 sheets
Feeder Tray (ADF) 550 sheets - left justified feeder
Multi-Feed Detection Ultrasonic - 5 sensors
Document Imprinter - Single Head, Post Image Front, 38 characters max. Optional - Rear IJP, 38 Characters max.
Illumination LED
Paper Size
Sort 18 inches x 12 inches
No Sort 59 inches x 12 inches
Minimum: 3 inches x 2 inches
Paper Thickness 41 - 209 g/m2 (11 - 56lbs)
Duty Cycle 200,000 pages per day
Supported Drivers TWAIN

Image Capture & Output

Simple and Duplex Capture 24 bit color
Optical: 600 dpi
Output: 50 - 600 dpi. Bitonal, Grayscale, Color
File Format Output JPEG, TIFF
Color Dropout Single color - red, green or blue
All colors - (only black remains)
Custom - user defined
Throughput - PPM*
Up to 155 PPM *approximate PPM for 8.5 x 11 at 200 or 300 dpi, landscape orientation, non-sorting

PC and Operating System Requirements

CPU Intel processor, 3.4GHz, Core i7 2600 or above
Memory 4GB 1333MHz or faster
Unused Hard Disk Space 10 GB or more
Interface USB 3.0 Port on PCIe, Gen 2 Slot or equalivant embedded on motherboard

- Directly connect the device to the PC. Connection through a USB HUB is not supported.
- Use the USB Cable (For 3.0) inside the package sent with the device. Use of other cables may not guarantee maximum performance.
Supported Operating System Windows® 7 Professional, 64 bit, Windows® 8.1 Professional, 64 bit, Windows® 10 Professional

Additional Information

Dimensions 28 inches L x 19 inches W x 16 inches H
Weight 95 lb
Power Requirements 100 – 240 VAC, 4.0 A, 50/60 Hz
Environmental Factors RoHS2 Directive 2011/65/EU-EN50581, Energy Star
Operating Temperatures 50 to 95 degrees (F), 10 to 35 degrees (C)
Operating Humidity 35% to 70% non-condensing (percent relative humidity)
Shipping/Storage Temperatures -14 to 109 degrees (F), -10 to 43 degrees (C)

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