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ImageTracDS 1085

Scanning and document capture is becoming increasingly complex. To avoid mismanaging data and bogging down operational processes, enterprises need a scanning solution that streamlines operations and provides users with unmatched results. 

Say hello to the ImageTracDS 1085. 

An innovative mid-volume production desktop scanner, ImageTracDS 1085 offers throughput speeds of up to 85 pages-per-minute, mixed-size document scanning, dual output trays and more. Offering a different approach to tackle your most challenging requirements, ImageTracDS 1085 provides better end-to-end results than any other scanning solution in its class. 

Notable features of ImageTracDS 1085 include: 

  • Ultrasonic multi-feed detection
  • Bi-tonal, grayscale or color scanning
  • JPEG and TIFF file format output
  • LED light source 

The ImageTracDS 1085 can operate as a standalone solution, and is compatible with ibml's full suite of Capture software, including DocNetics, Quality Control, PostScan, Synergetics and Analytics.

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  • “Impressively, ibml helped us improve the efficiency for both our commercial and consumer loans, which have very different work flows.”

    Steve Stone, Executive VP of Operations, United Bankshares
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    Steve Stone, Executive VP of Operations, United Bankshares
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    Laeeq Malik, Information Technology Project Manager, United Acceptance