ImageTrac Intelligent Scanners: The Brains of Your Operation

Welcome to the home of intelligent scanning. ibml offers a family of intelligent production scanners, ranging from a mid-volume desktop model to ultra-high speed scanners. ImageTrac intelligent scanners are installed in the most demanding document imaging, document management, and ECM environments.  These scanners are proven to help you lower operating costs by reducing document prep, scan operators and post scan costs. You can utilize scan time recognition, accelerate access to information and eliminate downstream exceptions. When you need the best for physical paper scanning ibml scanners are your choice.

"I would choose ibml again in a heartbeat." DATAMARK, Director of Operations - Click here to read why

“As a result of implementing ibml scanners, Wyoming Medical Center has maximized productivity, reduced our document management labor costs by 33 percent and decreased our long-term operations expenses.” - Director of HMS - Click here to read more

Choose from five different models based on your specific needs:

ImageTracDS 1085

Mid-volume desktop production up to 85 ppm. Ideal for smaller operations and remote offices. ...Read More

ImageTracDS 1155

The combination of the ImageTracDS 1155's functionality and surprisingly affordable pricing uniquely positions the solution for mid-high volume operations with document sorting requirements, operations requiring an affordable but feature-rich back-up scanner, and centralized operations that need a high-speed scanner to capture and consolidate images from remote locations. ...Read More

ImageTracDS 1210

Drawing on ibml's long history in leadership in document scanning, the ImageTracDS 1210 delivers performance, reliability, and value unmatched by any other high volume desktop scanner. ...Read More


Ultra-high volume, 286-429 ppm, no sorting. Ideal for high-speed scanning and intelligent capture into an ECM or records management system for archival. Compared to other scanners in its class, it offers better document feeding and superior image quality. ...Read More

ImageTrac 6300 Class Scanners

Ultra-high volume, 286-429 ppm, up to 2 sorting pockets. Ideal for users who need more speed and flexibility than the ImageTrac-Lite. ImageTrac 6300 users also benefit from upgrade options, added flexibility and enhanced in-line, rules-based processing. ...Read More

ImageTrac 6400 High Speed Scanner

Ultra-high volume, 286-429 ppm, expandable up to 21 sorting pockets. Regarded as ibml's most versatile scanners, ImageTrac 6400 provides unique transaction processing benefits for a wide range of vertical markets. Ideal for users who require sophisticated transaction processing and robust in-line tools for business rules processing and document sorting. ...Read More

All the Capture Software You Will Ever Need

To operate our scanners, Capture Suite provides all the intelligent scanning and capture features you will need, starting from streamlining your document preparation all the way through to handing off a reliable and predictable “EDI-type” data stream to the next business process or application.

Already have TWAIN or ISIS compliant scanners from other manufacturers that can only take pictures? Click here to find out how you can turn those into intelligent scanners too and improve your operations.