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SoftTrac Capture Suite 4.0 Delivers a Comprehensive Suite of Tools and Capabilities

ibml is pleased to announce the release of SoftTrac Capture Suite 4.0. This version provides more tools to intelligently capture and process documents from any input source, resulting in faster delivery of content to downstream systems and processes, fewer downstream errors, and more secure scanning operations.

SoftTrac Capture Suite 4.0 delivers a comprehensive suite of scan and capture tools that provide a complete end to end intelligent capture workflow.

In this interactive webinar we discussed:

  • Powerful post-scanning data recognition capabilities and business rules for scanned and “born-digital” images, by extending ibml’s powerful DocNetics software beyond the scanner
  • An improved user experience for data validation
  • Enhanced quality control and administration tools
  • New image processing functions.
  • A code quality score of 94 by Veracode. A high code quality score from a reputable third party ensures software vulnerabilities are mitigated, reducing the probability of a data breach
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