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Power Up for the Unpredictable: How to Build the Ideal Tech Stack to Prepare You for Anything

The business world is changing in unpredictable ways as disruptive forces abound. These new challenges and opportunities must be met with agility, innovation, and efficiency. Unfortunately, legacy information management systems make it extremely difficult for businesses to adapt to and thrive amidst this level of change. What does a modernized information ecosystem look like; what are its components; and how do you build it? We’ve got the answers.

During this interactive session, industry analyst Mark Brousseau and ibml Vice President of Marketing and Strategy Susheel John will discuss how to power up information management:

  • The challenges posed by the increasingly unpredictable nature of business.
  • How legacy information management systems make it hard for businesses to adapt.
  • How remote working exposes and exacerbates the limitations of legacy systems.
  • The risks that businesses face if they don’t keep up with changes.
  • The attributes of an agile business.
  • How to build an information tech stack that will prepare your business for anything.
  • The role of advanced technologies such as the cloud, machine learning (ML), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), content services, and Microsoft solutions.
  • An action plan for powering up your information management for the unpredictable.
  • Use cases of powered up businesses.

Three key takeaways:

  • How legacy approaches to information management hold businesses back
  • How modernizing information management makes a business more agile
  • How to build an information management tech stack that will prepare you for anything