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Improving Document-Centric Operations with SoftTrac Synergetics

Processing commercial and consumer loans can be a labor-intensive process. During this interactive webinar, United Bankshares, Inc., will share how it is using intelligent data capture to automate 15 different loan types, varying in length from 10 pages to a thousand pages or more. Attendees will learn the challenges the $12.1 billion bank had with its old loan processing system, the process the bank used to select a new solution, how the bank was able to begin live production in less than five months, and its lessons learned. United Bankshares also will detail the benefits it has achieved to date, including: a 15% reduction in staff, 80% faster image capture cycle times, improved image quality, higher staff morale, and reduced paper storage. This webinar is ideal not only for loan processing organizations, but any operation that must capture data from multiple document types. So please join us for the third webinar in our three-part series introducing our latest product offering, SoftTrac Synergetics.