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AMS (Archive Management Systems)

Archive Management Systems is a leading records management company providing secure archive scanning services in the United Kingdom. Committed to delivering world class archive management services, their clients include NHS departments, doctors, law firms, charities and financial organizations.

Replacing a trusty solution

AMS began their search for a solution to replace the company's current aging scanners. Having been to see ibml's ImageTrac and being impressed with the speed at which it could capture documents, AMS picked ibml's ImageTrac as their scanning solution.

"I arranged for my directors to come and have a one to one demonstration and they were blown away by the machine" stated Paul Sumpter, Sales Consultant.

Based on the volumes currently being put through their old desktop scanners, AMS would be able to achieve the same throughput with the ibml ImageTrac, but now in a significantly reduced time scale, giving them the opportunity to use the spare capacity to add new clients.

Paul Sumpter of AMS added "It has allowed us to look at our margins and go for jobs we would not necessarily go for before. We have always provided a level of service that allows for stringent checks on all documents scanned, we will therefore be able to still do this with a scanner that allows us to increase throughput by up to 5 times the amount previously scanned."

"It has allowed us to redeploy one of our scanner operators saving us costs straight away. It has also allowed us to increase our throughput on most jobs, for example one desktop scanner was producing 4-5k images in a morning shift and last week we produced 25k in the same time."

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