ibml ImageTrac the logical choice for Portuguese BPO provider GLINTT and its banking solutions

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GLINTT (Global Intelligent Technologies) is one of the largest IT services and consultancy companies in the Iberian Peninsula, operating primarily in Portugal but with an expanding client base across Europe, Africa and even Latin America. This 100m europlus annual revenue organization has particular strengths in the banking, healthcare and telecoms markets. Formed following the merger of ParaRede and Consiste, the business is headquartered in Sintra, Portugal. The company's BPO division utilizes a robust and efficient methodology to ensure a smooth and rapid transition to GLINTT's systems while minimizing business risk for clients.

Handling a heavy load

At the start of 2010, GLINTT won the contract to process remittance and other documentation on behalf of Portugal's largest retail bank using SoftTrac Capture Suite software and ImageTrac intelligent scanners from ibml. The volumes of documents to be processed and the requirements for fast, accurate scanning meant that only specialized high-volume scanners running at speeds up to 263 pages per minute would be able to do the job. The bank needed a service provider who could handle the wide variety of documents required for new account opening (forms, IDs, passports, etc.) as well as all daily transaction documentation (cheques, deposits, transfers). The solution would need to be able to handle between 6 million and 7 million scanned documents every month.

With such high volumes, it was critical to the business that the scanning process was not just fast and accurate but also as uninterrupted as possible in terms of both preparation and exception handling. GLINTT BPO's Director of Operations Eduardo Oliveira comments, "As a business, we are very keen to expand our BPO offering across Europe and even into growing economies such as Brazil. It is important to work with scanner technologies that are flexible and scalable, and, perhaps most importantly, that integrate easily into our software solutions."

Glowing references

The bank had very specific requirements. GestDoc (ibml's local reseller) was quick to recommend ibml's ImageTrac devices with which the client was already familiar, as Oliveira explains: "The previous incumbent supplier was already using ibml ImageTrac scanners, and they were happy to give a glowing reference for the technology. When we came to a demonstration, I was personally very impressed—I hadn't realized how far imaging solutions had developed!"

GLINTT assessed various options from other leading scanner manufacturers, but it soon became clear that ibml was the best fit for the bank's needs: the need to validate documents 'on the fly' could be addressed by ImageTrac's inline OCR & classification systems as well as 1D barcode reading. In addition, ibml's SoftTrac Scan software, which can control the operation of the various scanners including the ImageTrac and associated scan process, was of significant value to GLINTT, proving to be extensive and easy to configure with a powerful management information engine.

This combination of intelligent scanning, software control and robust volume processing was only available from ibml. As a result, three ImageTrac devices were installed in the bank's shared service centre in Lisbon.

The ImageTrac was developed for exactly this type of application—sophisticated transaction processing combined with robust in-line tools for business rules processing and document sorting. GestDoc supplied the scanners—fitted with two A3 sorting pockets to suit the client's specific scanning needs—along with a full installation, training and ongoing service/support package.

Smooth running since day one

In the months since moving the service to GLINTT's BPO offering, the bank has expressed total satisfaction with the levels of service and availability provided. The ibml scanners have delivered not just speed but consistency and robustness that allow GLINTT to comfortably match their clients' SLA expectations.

"Since day one it has been clear that the ibml scanners were an ideal match for our clients' needs," enthuses Oliveira. "We have not experienced any problems with stoppages or errors, despite the impressive speed of the machines and their significant daily workload. And they've proven remarkably simple to deploy and use: the operators haven't had to do anything but load the scanner with the documents and watch it work. Equally, we've had no issues with integration of our software solutions with the scanners."

"A technology our clients can trust"

For the future, there is no doubt in Oliveira's mind that ibml technologies could be central to the growth of GLINTT's BPO business: "We are very interested in the potential of business process outsourcing in many industries, not just banking. We will certainly be exploiting our growing knowledge of this market and also of these solution approaches in the future. I am very aware that right now we are not fully exploiting the capabilities of the ibml devices. We plan to investigate expanding the use of the scanners, looking at other projects, other customers and other markets. I feel confident that we could run the ImageTrac scanners 24 hours a day if we wanted to!"

For a BPO organization such as GLINTT, ibml solutions offer an appealing proposition— highly powerful intelligent document scanning technologies that are extraordinarily robust and reliable in 'real world' application environments. As Oliveira concludes, "The ibml ImageTrac is a scanner we can trust—and that means that our customers can trust in us."