Document Automation

Information management is the lifeblood of any organization, but it is harder and more costly than ever with the continued explosion in the volume of information flooding organizations. As a complement to our on-premise scanning solutions, ibml offers comprehensive outsourced services that help organizations of all sizes efficiently and cost-effectively manage documents throughout their lifecycle.

We can tailor our outsourced services to help organizations in any industry to:

  • Reduce operations costs
  • Eliminate overhead
  • Accelerate the flow of information
  • Free up valuable resources to focus on core business activities
  • Gain flexibility to support peak volumes and organizational changes
  • Streamline access to information
  • Ensure consistent scanning and data capture
  • Improve information security and control
  • Relieve compliance headaches
  • Ensure business continuity

By speeding document-driven business processes, ibml's outsourced services also deliver benefits that go well beyond the back-office, including improved customer responsiveness, increased corporate agility and better corporate decision-making.

Document Automation Leadership

ibml has been a leader in document automation solutions for decades. We bring that expertise and experience to our outsourced document services.

ibml uses the most advanced scanning and data capture technologies to process paper-based and electronic documents and extract the data fields required for mission-critical applications, such as enterprise content management (ECM) solutions. We can automate the processing of virtually any inbound document, in any size, including specialty items such as books, engineering drawings and ledgers. And, we can feed images and data to any legacy system or process or archive the information in our highly secure and highly reliable long-term repository.

Whatever approach you choose, you can rest easy knowing that we provide fast, reliable and secure access to the electronic documents you need when you need them.

What's more, because our document scanning services use our category-leading ImageTrac scanners, you know you'll always get crisp, clear and readable images.

End-to-End Outsourced Services

ibml offers unparalleled end-to-end outsourced document automation capabilities - all delivered by exceptionally skilled professionals who understand your industry, business application and unique requirements. Our outsourced services include:

  • Document imaging
  • Full indexing
  • Automated data capture
  • Workflow integration
  • Image and data archive
  • Lockbox processing
  • Medical lockbox processing
  • Back-file conversion (on-site and off-site)
  • Conversion of film-based technology to digital format
  • Secure document and media destruction
  • Disaster recovery/business continuity

Images are delivered in industry standard PDF or TIFF format. We also provide on-shore and offshore support and globally distributed workload processing. And you can rest easy knowing our facilities are SOC compliant.

Whether you want to completely outsource your document or payments processing, find a trusted partner for disaster recovery/business continuity planning, digitize stored records, or find a better way to manage peak volumes, ibml can help.

Let's get started

Our specialists are ready to collaborate with you on a plan that addresses your document processing. For more information, contact us today via email at or call               (205) 313-1366.

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