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TNT selects ibml capture solution to digitize patient records in the United Kingdom

May 21, 2014
Birmingham, AL

Leading BPO utilizes ibml’s intelligent scanning and capture platform to digitize millions of pages for the NHS Foundation Trust

ibml, a leader in information capture solutions for the enterprise, today announced that TNT Business Solutions, a leading BPO and Logistics specialist, selected ibml to provide the core capture technology for scanning millions of pages of patient records for County of Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust (CDDFT) in England.

Work is well underway at scanning up to 900,000 medical record files. The multi-page files, some dating back decades and now centralized in Darlington, are being processed, sorted, categorised and scanned. When completed, physicians and surgeons will have instant online access to essential patient information. TNT have been trusted with this enormous feat as CDDFT continues its pioneering work to digitize records.

The new process will put an end to patient files being misplaced or having to be transported – sometimes by taxi – from one hospital clinic to another. Under the new system, when a patient attends an appointment or requires emergency treatment, the clinician can quickly and easily call up the patient’s medical notes on a computer and view the categorised information. Any additional notes completed by the clinician during the delivery of the healthcare services are then sent to TNT to be captured and added to the patient’s digital file.

Over 80 staff members have been allocated to this project by TNT, to provide 24 hours a day, 365 days a year service to ensure that healthcare professionals have round-the-clock access to patient records to support elective procedures and emergencies. All manner of safeguards are in place to ensure that scanned documents, many handwritten, are completely legible and categorised correctly. TNT were recently audited and are accredited to the BS10008 standard.

“Every patient has a unique barcode and now we will know where every single record is” said Alex Morris, General Manager, of TNT Business Solutions. “Once completed, this will make life so much easier for the people who work in hospitals and for the patients.”

TNT selected an ibml capture solution consisting of three ImageTrac 5450 intelligent scanners and SoftTrac Capture Suite (SCS) software. The ibml solution is capturing documents at the rate of over 16,000 pages an hour.

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