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ibml Announces SoftTrac Capture Suite 4.0

June 14, 2016
Birmingham, AL

ibml, a leader in information capture solutions for the enterprise, today announced a new release of its SoftTrac Capture Suite software with significant enhancements and new capabilities.  SoftTrac Capture Suite 4.0 provides more tools to intelligently capture and process information from any input source, resulting in faster delivery of content to downstream systems and processes, fewer downstream errors, and more secure, compliant capture operations.

SoftTrac Capture Suite 4.0 delivers a comprehensive suite of capture tools that provide a complete, end to end intelligent capture workflow. The software supports ibml’s ImageTrac family of scanners and scanners from other manufacturers, all under a consolidated user interface and with centralized administration.

“SoftTrac Capture Suite 4.0 should be reviewed by any organization who is looking to upgrade legacy imaging systems or consolidate multiple, costly capture products into one streamlined solution with a lower total cost of ownership,” said ibml Chief Marketing Officer Dan Lucarini. “Customers who adopted SoftTrac Capture Suite as their standard have reported annual cost savings of up to 40% compared to other capture suites.”

Enhanced and new features of SoftTrac Capture Suite 4.0 include:

  • powerful post-scanning data recognition capabilities and business rules for scanned images and “born-digital” documents, by extending ibml’s powerful DocNetics software beyond the scanner;
  • certified compliant with the stringent Veracode Level 3 standards for application security, in keeping with ibml’s commitment to provide the most secure and compliant capture solutions;
  • an improved user experience for data validation;
  • enhanced quality control  and administration tools;
  • and new image processing functions.

For more information on how to improve your document capture operations with SoftTrac Capture Suite 4.0, please visit

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