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Ephesoft announces OEM relationship with ibml

May 20, 2013
Laguna Hills, CA

The leader in high-performance production capture selects Ephesoft to provide advanced capture technology for its software suite

Ephesoft Inc., the leader in providing advanced cloud-ready capture solutions, announced today that ibml has chosen Ephesoft as its OEM partner to provide advanced document classification technology for its SoftTrac Capture Suite.

ibml is a global leader in high volume production capture, delivering document imaging solutions that combine world-class scanners, software, and services to accelerate access to mission-critical business information, improve operational efficiency and effectiveness, and reduce costs. ibml is integrating Ephesoft technology to expand the capabilities of SoftTrac Capture Suite and offer its customers a complete, end to end capture solution. The Ephesoft technology will add content-based document classification and separation with increased abilities to extract free-form metadata, saving keystrokes and speeding the business process. Ephesoft will also enable ibml to offer a multi-channel capture solution for the first time, including emails, fax and web-captured documents.

“In today’s intensively competitive ‘Big Data’ environment the velocity and accuracy of information matter more than ever, and ibml is trusted by our customers to deliver capture systems capable of processing the onslaught of diverse unstructured data,” said ibml Chief Marketing Officer Dan Lucarini. “When we decided to add more advanced capture functionality in our Capture Suite, we conducted extensive research on over ten leading vendors before we selected Ephesoft. Our new Synergetics module is powered by Ephesoft Enterprise Edition, which has a third-generation web architecture, uses the latest IDR technologies, and can be deployed faster, easier and for less cost than other IDR solutions we looked at.”

Don Field, Ephesoft’s CEO, commented “It is a great honor to be chosen as ibml’s intelligent capture partner. They really did their homework so we feel validated that our architecture, feature set, and business model are the right approach in the current market. We feel together we can change the market dynamics and grow the overall advanced capture market. Prospective customers are excited to get a one-stop solution from a leader like ibml.”

Ephesoft, Inc. is headquartered in Laguna Hills, California with an office in Maidenhead, England. Ephesoft’s document capture solutions use open standards and are cloud-ready, offering extreme flexibility and accessibility for a wide range of customers. The company has been experiencing rapid growth in both the US and EMEA markets. or call (949) 335-5335.

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