ibml announces SoftTrac Synergetics advanced capture solution

Web-based software offers high-performance document classification, forms processing, multi-channel capture, automated data extraction and validation

BIRMINGHAM, AL, May 20, 2013 -- In today's intensively competitive "Big Data" environment, maximizing the velocity and accuracy of captured information matters more than ever. Managers face the challenge of capturing ever-increasing volumes of mixed document batches from diverse sources, converting that into accurate digital data, and delivering a reliable, predictable data stream with the highest possible velocity to the downstream applications that rely on this critical data.

To solve this problem, ibml announced today that it will offer SoftTrac Synergetics, a multi-channel, intelligent document recognition (IDR) solution that automates classification and data extraction from diverse documents received from many sources including mail, scanners, MFPs, distributed and mobile capture devices, outsourced providers, e-mail and fax. For example, in a mortgage origination process where there can be more than 250 document types to sort coming in from scanners, mobile devices, email and fax, Synergetics will automatically classify each document in the batch and extract data fields and text. Data is quickly validated through a browser interface using database and table lookups, then exported to the business application or ECM system.

"Since 1992, ibml has been at the forefront of document classification and data extraction with highperformance software running on our ultra-high volume ImageTrac scanners," said ibml Chief Marketing Officer Dan Lucarini. "To meet the growing demand to classify and extract more data from images and diverse documents coming from other sources such as email, fax and distributed capture devices, we are adding more advanced capture capabilities to our SoftTrac Capture Suite."

ibml chose the name "Synergetics" to reflect the powerful synergies that customers can expect from the integration of the ImageTrac's legendary speed, image quality and business rules with an advanced capture server. "By tightly integrating the image information output from the ImageTrac directly into the post-scan IDR process, our customers can expect to achieve higher classification rates without sacrificing throughput or spending months tuning the system," added Lucarini. "And with its third generation web-based architecture, Synergetics is a great choice for customers looking to replace their legacy IDR products." Synergetics also includes ibml's first web scanning tool to remotely capture paper from any TWAIN scanner, as well as a powerful, web-based dashboard to monitor the capture process performance from end to end.

Harvey Spencer, president and founder of Harvey Spencer Associates, the leading analyst firm for the capture software industry, remarked "ibml has always been focused on increasing productivity for its customers. Synergetics leverages the knowledge that ibml has gained in the high volume capture market beyond its highly-regarded scanners and into capturing and managing multiple sources of incoming documents."

Synergetics and the entire SoftTrac Capture Suite can also be deployed with TWAIN scanners from other manufacturers such as Kodak, Fujitsu and Canon. In keeping with ibml's long-standing, easy to understand and popular business practice, Synergetics will be licensed by the server with no additional click or page volume charges to burden the customer. And since Synergetics is a 100% web-based server solution, the customer can easily add additional users without the need to purchase seat licenses.

Synergetics is expected to be available this summer first in North America with international market launches following later in the year.

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ibml announces SoftTrac Synergetics advanced capture solution