EDM Group UK Selects ibml Intelligent Scanning Solution to Fulfill $6.7 Million HMRC Digital Mailroom Contract

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EDM Group, a leading BPO is utilizing ibml's unique inline intelligent capture to speed up and streamline the processing of over 20 million pieces of mail per year.

Over 1,200 customers use EDM Group services, including some of the best-known and largest companies and public sector organizations in the UK and USA. EDM Group has been providing information management services and solutions since 1974.

Early in 2014, EDM Group announced that HMRC awarded it a three year contract worth £4 million (approximately $6.7 million). The contract is a key element of HM Government's "Digital by Default" strategy, which will involve digitizing, indexing and managing over 20 million pieces of inbound mail coming from individuals, businesses and intermediaries each year.

ibml was selected to provide the core capture technology to fulfill in this digital mailroom contract for Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) department. ibml technology and service were supplied to EDM Group by Kodak Alaris, an official ibml reseller. As two industry leading companies, ibml and Kodak Alaris have worked together to provide the best solution for this project.

To fulfill the project's specific technology requirements, EDM Group had evaluated several technology approaches and vendors. They chose ibml for its unique integration of advanced capture intelligence into an ultra-high volume scanning process, which provides the automated classification of over 100 form types as well as zonal ICR extraction, all in one streamlined step.

The ibml ImageTrac solution combines a very flexible transport system, capable of handling mixed mail content at high speeds, with onboard Classification, OCR and ICR engines. This enables a single step capture solution, which enables the ability to hit higher SLA's as images don't need to go through a secondary software server process and prevent the need to pay additional capture software click charges.

"We reviewed traditional flat file scanning approaches that utilize post-scan IDR (Intelligent Document Recognition) software, but found that ibml gave us advantages with a single scan, classify and data extraction process," said Gordon Nelson, UK Operations Director for EDM Group. "This significantly reduced processing times and software license costs. It also gave us the option to physically separate and sort key documents, which provides a value added service to the client and further reduces our operational costs."

"ibml are very pleased to be selected for such a prestigious project and to have our unique value proposition recognized by the UK's leading provider of digitization services," said Ashley Keil, the regional sales director for ibml. "EDM Group has invested over £250,000 ($420,000) in ibml scanners and software with the knowledge that ibml provided not only the best technology fit, but also the best return on investment (ROI) and a faster, more reliable process to support their service level agreements (SLAs)."

About ibml

ibml provides intelligent data capture solutions that eliminate content chaos. Our solutions automate the ingestion of paper and electronic documents from any source, in any format, classify and extract data based on business needs, purify information to reduce downstream exceptions, seamlessly deliver information to any downstream system or process, and manage processes in a single, secure environment. ibml’s comprehensive solutions automate the most demanding document applications in banking, financial services, government, outsourcing and more. Every day, ibml customers around the globe rely on our technology to automate the capture and processing of millions of documents