BPOs & Service Providers

Increase operating margins while enhancing service to new and existing customers

BPOs and service providers can gain a competitive edge with ibml’s intelligent capture solutions.

ibml provides BPOs and service providers with all the tools they need to expand their sales by offering new value-added services to customers and to increase operating margins through better capture workflow efficiencies.

BPOs and service providers worldwide use our intelligent capture solutions every day to process forms and unstructured documents such as checks and remits, invoices, taxes, mortgage documents, EOBs, medical records, census forms, insurance claims, applications, legal documents, and more.

The ibml portfolio includes intelligent high-speed production scanners, intelligent capture software, and in-house and outsourced services. ibml solutions are proven in some of the world’s most complex, high-volume applications, and provide fast export of information to any downstream system or business process. 

Expand sales through new service offerings

Automating the classification, capture and validation of documents from any paper or electronic channel helps BPOs and service providers to cost-effectively address virtually any capture requirement and offer new value-added information capture services.

Increase operating margins

Our best-in-class scanners and capture software reduce overhead by processing co-mingled documents, capturing data during scanning, out-sorting documents, and providing centralized setup and administration. Deploy ibml inline intelligence to reduce or eliminate the need for other capture software click charges. Read how one company saved 40% on annual software costs by switching to ibml software.

Speed time-to-revenue

ibml’s short-term scanner rentals, on-site project implementation and management services, and outsourced scanning and back-file conversion services helps you get money in the bank, faster.

‘Right-size’ your operations

Better align your operations with customer needs with scanners that range from desktop to ultra-fast models, and software that reduces capital expense through lower annual costs and no click charges.

Strengthen security and compliance

Complement your security and compliance initiatives with ibml’s role-based access to information, complete audit trails, activity logging, data encryption, and compliance with regulatory mandates.


TNT selects ibml capture solution to digitize patient records in the United Kingdom 

EDM Group UK Selects ibml Intelligent Scanning Solution to Fulfill $6.7 Million HMRC Digital Mailroom Contract

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