State & Local Government

Provide enhanced services to constituents

ibml intelligent capture solutions help state and local government entities meet the challenges of reduced operational budgets while enhancing the speed and quality of service to constituents.

Our solutions automate the capture, classification, and validation of information from any paper or electronic document, including tax returns, checks and remittances, license applications, public records, contracts, grants, eligibility documents, and claims and other benefits documents.

More state departments of revenue use ibml intelligent capture solutions for tax processing than any other technology of its kind.  Our solutions also support check and remittance processing, finance and administration, public records, housing and human services, justice and law enforcement.  

With ibml equipment leasing and outsourced services, state and local government entities also can digitize back-files of records and other documents to reduce storage costs and enhance access to information.

Provide superior service to constituents

Quickly and accurately track documents and resolve inquiries with valuable information captured from forms and unstructured documents submitted by constituents.

Speed processing cycle times

Accelerate tax processing, benefits determination and other constituent services through reduced document preparation, automated data capture and validation, and faster delivery of higher quality information to downstream systems.

Provide decision makers what they need

Deliver high-quality information more quickly to key decision makers, and facilitate collaboration with secure online access to document images and related data.

Reduce operational costs

Virtual batching of tax returns and co-mingled scanning of mixed document types streamlines document preparation while automated data capture and validation reduces data entry and errors.

Streamline records management

Digitize public records and other documents to more quickly comply with constituent and inter-agency inquiries and to ease the ever-increasing burdens of long-term document retention.

Comply with evolving regulations

Complete, consistent, auditable and secure data capture helps government entities comply with continually evolving data privacy regulations.

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