Case Studies

WPS Health Solutions

Processing healthcare claims is complex work. But WPS Health Solutions streamlined its processes by replacing 10 legacy desktop scanners with an intelligent data capture solution from ibml. The intelligent data capture solution enabled WPS to increase throughput, reduce costs, improve staff productivity, eliminate manual tasks, streamline document retrieval and accelerate check deposits. ...Read More

Mid-Tier Bank Takes on the Megabanks with ibml Outsourcing Service

One mid-tier bank, a relatively new entrant to the commercial banking space, is proving to be a formidable foe to the megabanks against which it competes. This fast-growing bank owes its success in part to the lockbox services it offers its customers through a relationship with ibml. ...Read More

INTRUST Reduces Costs and Enhances Service with ibml Solution

Declining check volumes and ever-increasing customer demands for remittance data capture have made succeeding in the lockbox processing business harder than ever, particularly for small banks. ...Read More


The competition is fierce in the business process outsourcing (BPO) space. That's why the benefits that DATAMARK is achieving for a major client with an ibml image and data capture solution are so impressive. The solution has helped DATAMARK reduce its labor requirements by more than 50 percent, accelerate delivery of information downstream, and decrease its overhead. ...Read More

A Health Care Network Case Study

One large healthcare network improved efficiency with an intelligent capture solution from Birmingham, AL-based ibml. The solution has enabled the network to reallocate staff, streamline document retrieval, and better safeguard sensitive provider information in its credentialing area. ...Read More

Lending Services Provider Case Study

Speed is critical to loan origination to ensure enough time for due diligence, to resolve any exceptions before they impact borrowers or create compliance issues, and to avoid funding delays. ...Read More

AMS Thinking Inside the Box

Archive Management Systems is a leading records management company providing secure archive scanning services in the United Kingdom. Committed to delivering world class archive management services, their clients include NHS departments, doctors, law firms, charities and financial organizations. ...Read More

NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership Selects Kodak and ibml for Prescribing Services System Refresh

More than 30 million prescription forms are dispensed in Wales every year. Prescribing Services, part of the NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP), is the organization responsible for capturing data from every prescription form.

Prescription data is used to calculate the reimbursement due to community pharmacies, appliance contractors, dispensing doctors and GPs who personally administer medication for medicines and medical devices they dispense against National Health Service (NHS) prescriptions. The data is also used to provide management information to budget, plan for, and manage the use of medicines in NHS Wales. ...Read More

Cintas Increases Their Scanning Capacity to Over 500 Million Images Per Year with ibml ImageTrac Capture Solutions

Cintas Document Management UK Ltd. is a specialist provider of integrated document management solutions, including archiving, scanning and digitisation and secure document shredding. With 10 sites across the UK and employing over 300 members of staff, Cintas is one of the UK's leading document management providers. Their clients include NHS trusts, law firms, airlines, engineering firms and government agencies. ...Read More

Document Retention Services Company

The decline of paper documents has caused the market for traditional document retention services to shrink at an alarming rate. But one leading provider of document retention services anticipated this trend and refocused its company five years ago on scanning and document capture services. ...Read More

Bank Achieves 80% Faster Turnaround

United Bankshares, Inc. (NASDAQ: UBSI), is a $12.1 billion regional banking company with dual headquarters in Charleston, WV and Washington, DC. The bank's lending portfolio tops $6 billion. ...Read More

Automating the Loan Review Process

United Acceptance Inc. (UAI) is a financial organization, founded in 1991, that provides capital and servicing solutions to automobile dealerships that have a "buy here, pay here" operation, finance companies, and independent finance companies. UAI has achieved major labor savings, eliminated a three-month processing backlog, improved corporate decision-making, and positioned itself for growth by automating its loan review process with a scanning and document capture solution from ibml. ...Read More

EDM Group UK Selects ibml Intelligent Scanning Solution to Fulfill $6.7 Million HMRC Digital Mailroom Contract

EDM Group, a leading BPO is utilizing ibml's unique inline intelligent capture to speed up and streamline the processing of over 20 million pieces of mail per year. ...Read More

Creating Business Value through the Automation of Mail Handling, Order Fulfillment and Remittance Processing

Receiving orders for prescriptions through the mail can create processing challenges. Orders are typically comprised of five items, which may include the envelope, an order form, two prescriptions, correspondence, and a check -- a tall order for most document scanning solutions. At Humana, mail needs to be counted, opened, scanned and filed by noon each day. Most days, Humana processes an average of 11,000 orders in a six-hour window, with the company receiving mail twice each morning.

"The obvious solution isn't always the right one," Michael Mahar of Humana RightSourceRx, says of the company's decision to implement an integrated document extraction and scanning solution. ...Read More

Records management leader chooses ImageTrac for state-of-the-art conversion

When exploding medical records overwhelm hospitals and other healthcare providers, EDCO can provide immediate relief. EDCO is a national provider of document scanner and storing services with one of the largest conversion centers in the United States.

Its specialty is high-volume conversion of paper to digital or microfilm. More than 200 people are employed at its Springfield, Missouri, headquarters, which includes an underground storage facility. To help hospitals, insurers, legal firms and other organizations solve their document management problems, EDCO relies on production-grade ImageTrac scanning from Imaging Business Machines, LLC (ibml). ...Read More

ibml ImageTrac the logical choice for Portuguese BPO provider GLINTT and its banking solutions

GLINTT (Global Intelligent Technologies) is one of the largest IT services and consultancy companies in the Iberian Peninsula, operating primarily in Portugal but with an expanding client base across Europe, Africa and even Latin America. This 100m europlus annual revenue organization has particular strengths in the banking, healthcare and telecoms markets. Formed following the merger of ParaRede and Consiste, the business is headquartered in Sintra, Portugal. The company's BPO division utilizes a robust and efficient methodology to ensure a smooth and rapid transition to GLINTT's systems while minimizing business risk for clients. ...Read More

Intelligent Scanning from ibml Lightens the Load for Capita's UK Government Client

As a flexible outsourcing partner Capita creates and runs completely new service infrastructures. This enables end user organizations to step-up service efficiency, quality and flexibility, while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Capita's public sector communities and customers currently serve some 33 million people a year. ...Read More

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

Law enforcement is paper-intensive work. On top of personnel records, procurement paperwork and IT documentation, law enforcement organizations must manage inmate records, property receipts, and a host of other documents. This creates a tremendous challenge for these resource- and time-strapped organizations. ...Read More

Imaging Shared Services for a Major Insurer

The recession has forced organizations to look for new ways to reduce expenses and drive efficiency. And, the fact is, most organizations could be making better use of their operations infrastructure.

Recognizing this, more companies are considering shared services centers. By centralizing tasks, such as document imaging, companies can eliminate redundant systems and processes, optimize their workforce, improve control and visibility over corporate information and reduce costly overhead. ...Read More

Pitney Bowes Quadruples Capacity with Eight ibml Scanners

Until 2006 Pitney Bowes Asterion used a variety of small to mid-size Kodak production scanners to capture the majority of incoming documents. As business grew and projects increased in size, the Pitney Bowes Asertion management team recognized the need to introduce high-volume intelligent scanning into the production process. ...Read More

TNT Scans 600 Million Pages Per Year with ibml ImageTrac

TNT is one of the world's leading providers of express delivery services, with 83,000 staff globally. TNT also offers a wide range of outsourced services spanning information management, facilities management, records management and logistics. ...Read More

Hospital Reduces Labor Costs by 33 Percent with ibml Scanning Solution

As Wyoming Medical Center grew, so too did its records requirements. Wyoming law states that medical records need to be kept 10 years, but Wyoming Medical Center had records from when the hospital opened around 1910. In addition to its own records, the hospital inherited records of physicians who retired and records from a shuttered health clinic.

In all, the hospital stored more than 13 million pages of patient files in a 5,000 square foot records room located underneath a parking structure. The problem was the parking structure was slated for destruction in 18 months. With no other space on campus large enough to house the records and a move off-site sure to be costly and fraught with logistical difficulties for retrieval, Wyoming Medical Center decided that imaging the files was the best way to vacate the storage facility while still preserving the records. ...Read More

Illinois National Bank Reduces Costs, Achieves a Competitive Advantage with ibml Scanning and Document Capture Solution

Lockbox processing remains a lucrative business for financial institutions, representing billions of dollars annually in fees and interest income, plus revenues from ancillary bank treasury services. It also is a critical differentiator in a financial institution's ability to win and retain corporate clients. ...Read More