Cintas Increases Their Scanning Capacity to Over 500 Million Images Per Year with ibml ImageTrac Capture Solutions

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Cintas Document Management UK Ltd. is a specialist provider of integrated document management solutions, including archiving, scanning and digitisation and secure document shredding. With 10 sites across the UK and employing over 300 members of staff, Cintas is one of the UK's leading document management providers. Their clients include NHS trusts, law firms, airlines, engineering firms and government agencies.

The need for capture capacity

Cintas' success over recent years brought with it an ever increasing need for scanning capacity, tighter SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and quality demands. They used this significant growth in business as an opportunity to look at how advanced capture technologies could help them not only keep pace with their ever increasing client base, but enhance the service they were able to offer.

As part of this scanning technology review, Cintas evaluated available technology with a focus on achieving the following primary goals:

  • Increased volume capacity without increasing labour costs
  • Improved flexibility of paper handling to enable a broader range of application capture
  • The use of in-line scanner intelligence to reduce business rules based preparation
  • Advanced image enhancement to ensure the highest quality images
  • A significant overall reduction in the cost per image captured

After a nine month evaluation, Cintas chose ibml's ImageTrac scanners and SoftTrac capture software as their scanning solution. In addition to speed improvements, the ibml solution brought Cintas other benefits such as having the ability to automate batch processing, the capability to out-sort transaction separator sheets, pre-identify documents for indexing and, where appropriate, extract OCR content as part of the scan process.

SoftTrac brought significant streamlining and business rules to the scanning process as well as providing detailed management information.

Increasing capacity to over half a billion images:

With the initial system implementation proving successful, Cintas committed to the ImageTrac as its preferred scanning platform. Indeed, Cintas now have 12 ImageTrac scanners which are used for around 85% of all their scanning work, which has increased dramatically over the years. Through using ibml scanners Cintas now has the capacity to scan over 500 million images per year. ibml has also provided Cintas with three ibml ImageTrac scanners for a project taking place in the USA this summer.

Cintas is now one of the largest document management providers in the UK, with three high volume, advanced scanning bureaus and continue to grow their geographical coverage and service offerings.

500 Million Images Per Year with ibml ImageTrac

Jon Joyce, Managing Director at Cintas, comments:

"At Cintas we find by using the ImageTrac we can deliver the quality of service that our customers expect from a premier supplier and this has resulted in significant business growth. We have been using the ImageTrac for over 7 years now and we are consistently impressed with its quality and the volume of scanning it enables us to undertake."

In 2013 ibml continues to provide a strategic technology partnership to Cintas, with the recent introduction the ImageTrac DS desktop scanning technology and capture software components, Quality Assurance and M.I. (Management Information) software options.