Streamline credentialing processes while enhancing control and compliance

Verifying practitioner credentials and ensuring that credentials on file are valid is a never-ending task. ibml’s intelligent capture solutions enable healthcare payers and Credentialing Verification Organizations (CVOs) to reduce the time, labor and risk of verifying the work experience, credentials, certifications, education, and other qualifications of health practitioners.

ibml solutions capture documents required for credentialing, including practitioner applications, contracts, board certificates, state professional licenses, driver’s licenses, photos, documentation of name changes, tuberculosis clearances, curriculum vitaes, Drug Enforcement Agency licenses and/or state drug certificates, malpractice insurance certificates and claims histories, and completed consents to a criminal background check.   These unstructured documents can be from any source (including primary document sources, CVOs and CAQH) in any format including paper, PDF, images, email, fax or web form.  Once captured, documents are classified, data is extracted based on business rules, and the “credentialing package” is exported to a Credentialing repository or workflow system for processing.

Speed the handling of CVO packages

Our solutions automatically identify the practitioner and type of credentialing request for each CVO package, while separating and indexing the individual documents in large PDFs.

Reduce credentialing cycle times

Form-type identification automatically verifies that required documents are contained in each credentialing package, while data extraction ensures that the documents have sufficient data such as valid dates.

Enhance information access

Eliminate information gaps with routing of packages that are missing documents, uploads of extracted data to any downstream system, and rich capture of data for healthcare informatics.

Mitigate security risks

Our solutions eliminate the opportunity for lost documents and automatically restrict access to private physician information in credentialing packages based on configurable user roles.

Increased customer satisfaction

Accelerating the credentialing process with ibml solutions also boosts practitioner satisfaction, makes it easier to recruit new practitioners, and speeds time-to-revenue for new practitioners.