Choosing the Right Scanner Solution

The key to choosing the right scanner for the job begins by analyzing your entire business operation and processes, and determining what your desired outcome is.

This can be a complex choice and we recommend you take the time to consider a new scanner purchase as the opportunity for significant improvements in overall cost and performance. Here are just a few of the key questions to consider:

  • Do you have imaging systems today and are looking to consolidate or replace your older scanners with a more efficient scanner that can reduce document preparation time and the number of scan operators?
  • Is it more important to have access to important information sooner, as compared to scanning all day long?
  • Can intelligent scanning that extracts data and applies business rules at scan-time save you time and money, compared to waiting longer for critical information or paying click charges with a post-scan capture server?
  • Where will the scanned images and captured data end up? What is the next stop -- a payments solution? ECM? Other?
  • Are you planning to process batches of mixed-size documents and looking for a scanner that can handle it all?
  • Would you like to reduce or even eliminate separator sheets?
  • Could your manual labor processes be improved by sorting out selected or exception documents into a separate tray?
  • Do you need to print an endorsement on the front or back of a document?
  • What is your expected volume of documents to scan -- daily, monthly or annually? This information will help you select the type of scanner based on the number of pages that can be processed in your desired timeframe.

Looking for expert help?

ibml and our partners are Capture Experts who will help you to analyze your document capture process from document preparation all the way through to handing off a reliable, purified data stream to the next business process. We pioneered one of the capture industry's first and most advanced consultative, solutions-oriented approach to problem-solving.

ibml also offers the finest high-performance, intelligent scanners and capture software. If you already know what you need, please take a look at the ImageTrac family of high-speed, high-capacity document scanners. Our scanners are proven in many different industries and applications to lower operating costs, accelerate turnaround, and eliminate downstream exceptions in the most demanding document imaging, transactional processing and ECM environments.

Our capture software will also operate the scanners made by other manufacturers, and we are glad to help you consolidate the management of different scanners all into one solution with one database and one dashboard to manage and measure your entire scanning and capture operation.