Operations Audit

Companies are looking for ways to operate more efficiently and cost effectively.

ibml's Operations Audit helps organizations successfully reduce operational costs through improved processes and system optimization; plan an effective and successful migration to next-generation hardware and software solutions; adopt new business processes; reduce scanner errors and system downtime; and improve operator productivity and accuracy. Our Operations Audit helps customers achieve a return on their IT investments through hardware, software and process optimization.

An Operations Audit may be right for your organization if it:

... is seeing a decrease in throughput
... is considering new or upgraded technology
... has recently changed its documents or forms
... is not meeting service-level agreements or quality benchmarks
... is experiencing significant system downtime

The ibml Operations Audit focuses on the three areas where scanning operations tend to falter:

  • Document preparation
  • Operator proficiency
  • Scanner maintenance and performance

Our comprehensive Operations Audits are conducted on-site over several days. Organizations receive a detailed report highlighting positive and negative observations in each of the three areas. This information allows clients to apply best practices to their operations; re-engineer the high-volume, labor intensive processes in their operations; and manage workflows initiated by changing business rules and requirements. Metrics are collected on the efficiency of existing processes and savings are demonstrated for each ibml recommendation. The information provided in the audit report can also support enterprise automation initiatives and help organizations meet their goals.

The opportunities and challenges for document processing operations have never been greater. Contact us to learn more about how ibml can help your organization achieve high performance by auditing its operations and reducing costs, accelerating turnaround, and reducing downtime.